Personalized Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

90 Minute Comprehensive Consultation

Consultations are done via TeleMedicine (by video or phone) and receive:

  • In-depth evaluation of your child’s medical history
  • Analysis of your child’s current dietary/nutrient intake
  • Review of past dietary and supplementation trials
  • Review of past diagnosis, biomedical treatments, and any lab work
  • Analysis of your child’s behaviors and symptoms- including sleep, stress, gastrointestinal health, bowel habits, eating preferences and aversions
  • Provide assistance in expanding your child’s food introductions and acceptance
  • Evaluating whether your child has “picky eating” vs “problem feeding”
  • Provide personalized dietary and supplement education and recommendations
  • Education and determination of possible food sensitivities and/or intolerances
  • Recommendations for possible lab testing- such as, genetic testing, stool analysis, food sensitivity, immune/hormone
  • Recommendation of further specialized intervention and support for your child’s optimal growth, development, and behavior
  • Provide support, encouragement, and resources for success in your child’s nutrition plan


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